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...difficult to imagine a competing product coming near to its performance level, its intuitive interface, and its sheer ease of use.
Reviewer - The Great Software List
BB FlashBack records your PC screen. It can be used to produce professional, self-contained video demonstrations of software, for sales and marketing purposes.

If you need to make marketing materials that say it all, and don't want to spend forever doing it, the BB FlashBack screen recorder can help - download the free trial today.
BB FlashBack Makes It Easy:
  • Record exactly what you see on your PC screen.
  • Edit out mistakes or add annotation, sound and a spoken commentary.
  • Export movies to the right file format for your audience.
Create Marketing Materials That Come Alive
Use movies of a website or software in action to show prospective customers what’s possible instead of just telling them.

A BB FlashBack movie can turn difficult to visualize concepts into something they can understand and remember.
Create Online Sales Resources
Create permament sales and marketing resources that can be accessed online by yourself or customers at any time.

La grabadora de pantalla de BB FlashBack le facilita la publicación en internet:
  • It exports to Flash and Windows Media Video (WMV) formats, which ‘stream’ to users, to give a better browsing experience over slower connections.
  • Controles de reproducción e indicadores de carga al exportar a Flash.
  • Flash exports include a web-ready HTML file you can use to get the movie online fast.
Produce Software Demonstrations
Pre-recorded video software demonstrations are a valuable resource. They can illustrate the capabilities of an application or website in a way that static words and screenshots cannot match.

With BB FlashBack you’ll be able to record your screen and turn this into a high quality video demonstration with no training, in minutes.

You can record a commentary while you record the screen or add it afterwards. Adding text and images to clarify more complex points is easy.
Download the free trial now and see how BB FlashBack can help you produce great marketing materials, easily.
FlashBack v5
La versión 5 incluye una interfaz actualizada y un aspecto renovado. Puede compartir utilizando el nuevo servicio FlashBack Connect, proteger sus vídeos con contraseña y mucho más...
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